UX Designer



Nice to e-meet you!

I'm Inma — a User Experience Designer with a strong background in Photography and Journalism. After years helping individuals and companies to tell their stories , I felt that something was missing: I wanted to solve problems. I was fascinated by Airbnb and other companies in the sharing economy, and wanted to contribute to this space

As a versatile person with an empathetic vision of the world, I am able to tune in to user motivations and work with a diverse range of teams and clients. I possess a bottomless thirst for knowledge and am determined to constantly challenge myself. 

I'm currently looking for opportunities to apply my skill set and create memorable products and services. 


INTERESTS: Emotional Intelligence, Slow Fashion, Sustainable Travel,  Cinéma d’Auteur, Post-Punk, 

EDUCATION: B.A. Journalism, B.F.A Photography

LIVED: Barcelona, Lima, Toronto, New York (and a bunch of other places in between)